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Club Activities have been going very strong at the Middle School.  We make every effort to encourage all children to take part in some extra-curricular activity. 

Ecology Club
Children have participated in developing good habits around the school for all student to follow.  Students have planted trees and plants as part of an ongoing project work.   Our members have been recognized in newsletters.   Students have been going to the Passaic River and conducting river studies.  Students will be competing again in the World Series of Birding.  The children have also been very active in the recycling program we have at the Middle School, collecting white paper, cans, and biodegradable food scraps that are left from the lunch program. Classroom rewards are available for participating.

Young Astronauts
Children have been working on activities that are in the National Young Astronauts program.   We are again charter members in good standing in this nationally acclaimed organization.   Children study astronomy, aerodynamics, and rocketry.   Students create and launch rockets.

NAMS Boys/Girls Intramural Volleyball
Two times a week our NAMS Boys and Girls Intramural volleyball program takes place.  The girls play on one day and the boys another.   The students practice fundamentals of the game (setting, bumping, rotation, keeping score) and enjoy playing.

NAMS Student Council  
Our student council has been very active this year.  We have run canteen dances to collect food for the needy of our community, placed spirit posters around our school, planned events that help out our community, collecting food and clothing for the needy and doing some tutoring, to name a few activities we have done.  We will be having Student Government Day in the spring.  The students will be going to meet the Mayor of North Arlington, the Bergen County Executive, and possibly the Governor if he is available.

Technology Club 
This club uses our outstanding Paxton Laboratory technology room.   Students work on any of thirteen high technology modules such as Computer Assisted Drafting, Laser Technology, Biotechnology, Structural Analysis, etc.

NAMS Viking Bands 
NAMS has two bands, the Mighty Blue Viking Band (6th Grade), and the Viking Band (7th & 8th Grade), a major part of the instrumental music program, and is a year-round course along with instrumental lessons. Both bands perform Holiday and Spring concerts; the Halloween Parades at the elementary schools and the Borough’s annual Memorial Day Parade. The bands have also performed at the Bergen County Elementary/Middle School Band Festival and the High Notes Festivals at Great Adventure. Mr. Peter M. Nicolle is the director of both groups.

NAMS Chorus  
The NAMS Chorus is open to students from 6th, 7th and 8th grades that have a desire to perform vocally. The Chorus meets after school once a week, and performs at the annual Holiday and Spring Concerts. Ms. Emily Corcoran is the director.

The MathCounts Club
The MathCounts Club has been practicing their mathematics skills and formulas.   They compete with other schools at Farleigh Dickinson University each February.   This year we were awarded The Most Improved School Award. 

The Peer Mediation Club
This club has put on demonstrations for the rest of the students at the middle school to explain exactly what the program is about.  The students themselves have been trained.  They meet to discuss conflict issues and attempt to resolve problems their middle school peers are having.

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NAMS Drama Club -
Our NAMS Drama Club prepares diligently for our Drama Club musical productions each year.   There are three performances, one for the entire student body and two in the evenings for the NAMS community-at-large.    There were well over 250 people in our gym to see this spectacular the night of the performance. 

Yearbook Committee -
The yearbook committee, which is made up of one teacher, some parents, students, and the Principal, meet as needed, to work on aspects of our professionally published NAMS Yearbook.  Each year, we have sold over 300 copies of our yearbook.   We have also been advisors to other middle schools interested in producing middle school yearbooks. 

NAMS Peer Leadership Club
The North Arlington Middle School has been one of two schools in Bergen County selected by the State Department of Education to Participate in the New Jersey Middle School Peer Leadership Initiative (NJMSPLI).  Students worked with three advisors to create programs for our school that emphasize the dangers of substance abuse.  We have had guest speakers part of this program.  The program has assisted in our Anti-Bullying Program.

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