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Service Learning Program


What is the Service Learning Program?

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Service Learning Record Sheet

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All students must participate in a school and/or community service activity as a requirement for graduation

The intent of service-learning is to bring the skills, talents and experiences from the classroom to the service commitments and vice-a-versa, to bring those skills, talents and experiences from the service back to the classroom to enhance and enrich the academic experience.  Through reflection and active participation in the choice and nature of a service experience, the student becomes better aware of himself/herself, his/her community and the needs of others.

Beyond service-learning, the volunteer experience will also provide opportunities for the student to explore careers, to develop self-awareness and self-esteem, to experience value or character education (such as learning about personal responsibility and about people who may be different from the student in age, race, and educational background), and finally to engage in “participatory” democracy and active citizenship.

Students will be responsible to select a service and make their own commitment to a service opportunity of their choice.  Time sheets will be provided to tally the hours for credit. Additional events and activities throughout the year that meet the criteria as community service* can also be added to a student’s service hours.  

Each marking period students will hand in service learning time sheets to their guidance counselors to earn credit toward the required hours.  Students are required to serve a minimum of 10 hours to receive 1.25 credits for their service per year.  These credits are given to recognize service learning as a legitimate form of learning outside of the classroom.

Community members and contact information will be posted on the borough of North Arlington site at  Students may also contact any other individuals on their own for which they may be interested. Students may serve in any non-profit or human service agencies in the areas of education, health, the environment, public safety or public service that would meet the community service requirement.

Revised as of 8/1/2017

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