Clubs & Activities

Mr. C. Kastner, Band Director
The NAHS Viking Band and the Viking Concert Band are active throughout the year from the Fall Marching Season to the Spring Concert.  Visit the Band's website at .

NAHS Chorus
Ms. E. Corcoran, Choral Director
The Chorus meets on a weekly basis and performs on several occasions throughout the year.

Ms. M. Rosolen
Ms. S. Giampaolo
Mrs. P. Tomko, Advisors

North Arlington's yearbook, Chrysalis, is an award-winning publication.  Staff member positions are open to all grades.

Drama Club
Mrs. Cyndi Branco, Advisor
This club teaches students how to create a Broadway-style musical production.  Students are introduced to both acting and technical skills necessary in theater. 

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National Honor Society
Mrs. Karin Kusher, Advisor
To be inducted into the National Honor Society is a very prestigious honor.  A student must achieve and maintain a GPA of 3.75 or 88.8 on a 100-point scale.  The members must also demonstrate the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. 

National Spanish Honor Society
Mrs. M. Murad & Mrs. A. Zambrano, Advisors

To be inducted into the National Spanish Honor Society is also a very prestigious honor.  A student must achieve and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better.  The members must demonstrate the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, have completed two years of Spanish, and continue to purse their Spanish studies in their junior and senior years.


Tri-M Music Honor Society
Mr. C. Kastner & Ms. E. Corcoran, Advisors

Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Training
Mrs. Fran Lipsky, Advisor
This program offers the availability of students acting as mediators with other students.  The mediators are trained to allow the students to figure out what the problem is and how it can be resolved.  Conflict resolution is taught in the freshman health class.  This program offers ideas, strategies and techniques for positive ways to handle anger.

SADD/ InterAct Club
Mrs. Dawn Fuller
Ms. Lauren McEntee, Advisors

SADD’s position is to support all state and federal laws regarding drugs and alcohol and encourage all those who are members of SADD to work toward influencing their peers to follow a healthy lifestyle and to comply with the laws of their state regarding drug and alcohol use.

The SADD goals include:
A. To end underage drinking and drug abuse
B. To eliminate death and injury due to drinking and drugged driving.

The purpose of the Interact program is to motivate students to take an active role in his/her community by participating in a variety of programs and activities that can teach responsibility, teamwork, honesty, and respect for others.

Volunteerism can

bullet expand horizons
bullet teach decision-making
bullet promote self-evaluation and reflection
bullet increase appreciation of life
bullet enhance a sense of community
bullet open career possibilities

The program is introduced at the start of the year with a video.  Students are asked to list things the like to do to find an activity that matches his or her unique skills.  Students volunteer for activities that appeal to them and make a commitment to complete the service for the appropriated time.

Student Council
Ms. Samantha Giampaolo, Advisors
This organization helps deliver the school activities to the student body.  They over see any programs, fundraisers, and activities in the school.  The funds raised in this organization are used to sponsor various activities during the year.  This year’s big event was the multi media presentation “Trust Me.”

Viking Saga
Mrs. Ana Albuquerque, Advisor
North Arlington High School's student generated newspaper, the Viking Saga, has been in existence for over 45 years.  The Saga consists of articles written by students in the Journalism classes.  Students also edit the articles, take the pictures, and lay out each issue. Editors are chosen on the basis of their contribution to the quality of the paper in addition to their experience.   The Viking Saga is now an online newspaper!

Chess Club

Mr. W. Mott, Advisor

Interested students meet regularly to compete against each other in Chess matches.  The group also works with elementary students to teach them the strategies behind the game.


Multicultural Advocacy Club

Mrs. J. Burns, Advisor
The Multicultural Advocacy Club celebrates multicultural diversity and education and we are committed to helping people in crisis at home and throughout the world. Our mission is to embrace our differences and celebrate our similarities by reaching out to the community and advocating for a better world for everyone.

French Cooking Club

The French Cooking Club is a collaboration of the French and Family & Consumer Science departments where students explore French cuisine. Students learn about where the foods come from, when it is eaten and how it is made. All students curious about cooking and open to trying foods from a different culture are welcome and encouraged to participate. In past club meetings we have made omelets, crepes, and poutine among many others!

Class Advisors

Class of 2015- Mr. W. Coughlin and Mrs. S. Dembowski

Class of 2016- Mr. J. Dembowski and Mrs. S. Dembowski

Class of 2017- Ms. J. Vassallo and TBD

Class of 2018- Mrs. A. Albuquerque and Mrs. T. Hughes



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