District Curriculum Plans

Elementary Schools

Grade K Language Arts
Grade 1 Language Arts
Grade 2 Language Arts
Grade 3 Language Arts
Grade 4 Language Arts
Grade 5 Language Arts

Elementary Art--PreK-5

Earth Science--Grade 5

Elementary Music--K-5

Elementary Science

Grade 1 Spanish
Grade 2 Spanish
Grade 3 Spanish
Grade 4 Spanish
Grade 5 Spanish

Grade K Math
Grade 1 Math
Grade 2 Math
Grade 3 Math
Grade 4 Math
Grade 5 Math

Grade K Social Studies
Grade 1 Social Studies
Grade 2 Social Studies
Grade 3 Social Studies
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 5 Social Studies

Physical Education Grades 2-3
Physical Education Grades 4-5

Kindergarten ELA
Grade 2 ELA
Grade 3 ELA
Grade 4 ELA
Grade 5 ELA

Middle School

Art-Grades 6-8

Middle School English

Grade 6 Math-Expressions & Equations
Grade 6 Math-Geometry
Grade 6 Math-Ratios & Proportions
Grade 6 Math-Statistics & Probability

Grade 7 Math
Grade 7-Geometry
Grade 7-Number Systems
Grade 7-Rations & Proportions
Grade 7-Statistics & Probability

Grade 8-Geometry
Grade 8-Number Systems
Grade 8-Statistics & Probability
Grade 8-Expressions & Equations
Grade 8-Functions

Grade 6 Science-Earth and Beyond
Grade 6 Science-Physical World
Grade 6 Science-Living World

Grade 7 Science-Earth and Beyond

Grade 8 Science-Earth and Beyond
Grade 8 Science-Physical World
Grade 8 Science-Living World

Grade 6 Social Studies

Grade 7 Social Studies

Grade 8 Social Studies Unit 1
Grade 8 Social Studies Unit 2
Grade 8 Social Studies Unit 3
Grade 8 Social Studies Unit 4
Grade 8 Social Studies Unit 5

Music Cycles-Grades 6-8
Music Instrumental-Grades 6-8

Physical Education

Grade 6 Spanish
Grade 7 Spanish
Grade 8 Spanish

High School

Art-Studio Art
Art-Exploratory Art
Art-Independent Art

Business-Accounting I
Business-Advanced Computer Applications
Business-Desktop Publishing
Business-Financial Literacy
Business-Personal Finance
Business-Web Design

English I
English-English II
English-English III
English-English IV
English-English IV-Unit 4-Eur Lit
English-English IV-Unit 5-Eur Lit
English-English IV-Unit 6-Eur Lit

Physical Education

FCS-Child Development I
FCS-Child Development II
FCS-Culinary Arts I
FCS-Culinary Arts II

Alg I Model Curriculum
Alg II Honors Model Cur.
Geom/Geom Honors Model Curriculum
Geometry Model Curriculum
Math-Intro to Statistics

Music-HS Choral
Music-HS Instrumental

Science-AP Biology
Science-Biology Honors
Science-Chemistry Honors
Science-Environmental Science
Science-Physics II
Science-Physics Honors

Social Studies-Global Studies
Social Studies-US History I
Social Studies-US History II
Social Studies-World History

French I
French II
French III
French IV

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV